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Gahicon Agrosys (P) Limited

About Us

GAHICON is a research-based organization. The company is actively involved in research, production, processing, packing, and marketing of high quality seeds .
The mission of GAHICON is to supply our customers with a consistent source of research based seeds.
Our vision is to be the most dynamic agriculture company creating sustainable solution essential to a better, safer and profitable life for farmers of the country .

Gahicon Agrosys (P) Limited established with a vision of uplift the face of agriculture in India .The main manufacturing base at capital of Gujarat “Gandhinagar” & Junagadh (Sourashtra) , the organization has spread its wing to a number of other states as well like ,Rajasthan, Hariyana , Panjab and Andhra Pardesh .
GAHICON’s product range covers more than 18 live product manly including Cumin, Castor , Bajra, Moong , Isabgoal, Groundnut , as well as BT Cotton already launched in some states and another 15 product under research , almost ready to be launched soon.
Efforts of our research scientist are helping us to develop and release genetically modified product with in built tolerant/ resistant against Pest, diseases and drought stress conditions.

Business Philosophy

  • To Conduct business –honestly and fairly
  • To do the business of agri input with social responsibility .
  • To integrate the business and social services for a happy rural India
  • To increase the farmers satisfaction.
  • To develop geographical location specific breed
  • To develop early maturing varieties.


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