Managing director speech

Gahicon Seeds (Formally known as GHYCO Seeds) is incorporated in 2013 with the objective of providing quality seeds to farmers with high yield potential and superior biotic and a biotic stress resistance. The company has a strong R&D setup for developing top performing hybrids/varieties in Castor, Cumin, Moong, Isabgul, Mustard, Bajra, Guwar, Sesame , Cotton, Groundnut, Soyabean etc. The research program also covers major vegetables like Coriander, Mutter and Bhindi.

The company has entered into MoUs and collaborations with various domestic institutions to maintain edge in research. Our R&D station is equipped with all the modern amenities for carrying out research focused on crop specific requirements. A vigorous hybrid testing exercise is carried out at various locations of the country before deciding the suitability of a particular hybrid for a specific region. A team of scientists and breeders with average experience of more than 15 years is the backbone of our research.

Gahicon Seeds has developed extensive distributor and retailer network across all major states of the country and even plans to export seeds to neighboring countries. We have strong presence in most states through our team of sales officers who are dedicated to ensure that farmers have detailed knowledge of our products. We consider our distributors and retailers as our partners in the mission of enhancing farm prosperity.

Devendra Suthar
B.Sc , MBA
Managing Director
Gahicon Agrosys (P) Limited
(Formerly known as GHYCO AGROSYS PVT.LTD.)